The never told History of CAT.
The fall and almost disappearance of CAT.
We stayed in VBN alliance and we were ok in that alliance, maintaining factions, but TLK all of a sudden left alliance to start their own so GON and CAT followed them. It was when we were in the worst shape ever, roster really low, officers totally not motivated. TLK continued stealing our fffers until I got really pissed and we left alliance.
CAT “civil war or Major Crisis” started February 5, 2007 and 8 officers and 20 members left without notice in the same day. Coincidence or not it was the only day I could not connect, Monday. Some of them went to TLK and some went to start up a GvG guild. Our factions were less of 1.2 mil and only a bunch of great members and officers kept loyal and helped me rebuild Lords of CAT. It was then when CAT almost died and I was close to disband it or stay alone as initially thought when I started CAT but I could not do that to our loyal members and officers. Some of those are Vangelis, Fris (swiftblade), Sir Soulos, Anubis, Ashley, Deviant, Lord Alcami, Henry Hawkeye and few more peeps. It was a really sad moment but we were able to reorganize and with lots of help we were able to survive. Anyway I felt so betrayed by TLK that I broke any relationships with them. Time has destroyed them and it has kept CAT alive.