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Faction Farming
  • Once a member has been added to a team, that member cannot be kicked if the team decides they wish to invite another (e.g. setting up a guild team).
  • Any underperforming members within a team must be directed to shore, or asked to follow the MU runner. If the runner refuses and continues to slow the team down for the next 2 runs, then it is acceptable for the runner to be kicked from the team. Please try to help new runners, we need them and they must be made welcome.
  • Avoid abusive language – including acronyms WTF & FFS etc.
  • All team leaders and doormen must try to ensure that their team is a full as possible – whilst maintaining maximum speed.
  • Members that go AFK during runs can be kicked.
  • Avoid going AFK in Luts – it’s easy to go to your GH. If you are not waiting to join a team avoid Luts Int 1 please ?.
  • If a non alliance member(s) has been running within a team for a set period (in order to keep the team alive during quiet periods), they must be treated with respect. Don’t forget, if you kick them without saying “we are full and we need you’re space……you can have 1or 2x more runs… then we have to kick you….sorry”, they probably won’t help you again. These runners are also potential recruits to our alliance.
  • No Saccing in FFF. The only exception to this is when the group agrees to let them. Please be aware that guild leaders can sometimes be overwhelmed with messages.
  • Any faction gained in FFF or AB groups within alliance teams is not to be traded for amber. If someone wants to trade faction for amber, scrolls, armor etc then they need to earn the faction solo, with hero’s, or do it with random PUGs.
  • Survivor doors must have been within their guild for a minimum of 2 weeks and display a minimum Kurzick rank (4). No more than 1x survivor door per team.
  • Chest running must be completed before the stairs runner has pinged HP. If a chest runner delays the team by over 5 seconds they will receive a warning. On the second time within a 30 minute period, the runner can be kicked from the team. A delay of 30 seconds is unacceptable and the runner can be removed immediately.
  • If a guild has more than 1x running team, please ensure that at least 1x team is running in International District 1.
  • Please try to be aware of the guilds in our 2nd alliance, if you are unsure which guilds they are, ask an officer and recruit them into your teams.
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