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Monday          AB competition // Open-air Market
Tuesday          Pve master's // FFF teaching
Wednesday     AB competition // EXTREME FFF Competition
Thursday         Pve Master's //FFF teaching
Friday             FFF competition // green farming
Saturday         FFF competition // GvG
Sunday           FFF competition // GvG

Main condition and requirement to participate on above competitions and events are to send the screenshot and to add required factions. Without these 2 requirements a member will not be eligible to participate.

AB event- 2 officers or 1 officer on each team with members. Team winning more games will be proclaimed winner and each of the members/officers will get 2 platinum each. Minimum Ab games 5. To be rewarded at this event we need a minimum of 6 members willing to participate.

GvG – 2-4 officers and 4-6 members – In order to form a team there should be at least 4 members interested and those members’ earlier week screenshot should show above 70k donation.

Open/air Market. Day to buy/sell and trade in GH, in guild chat and if necessary with my approval in alliance chat.

Green Farming. Day to green farm in teams of 4 with 1-2 officers.

Pve Master-s. 2 Cooperative missions or special missions with 1-2 officers each team.

FFF teaching. For those willing to learn. 3-5 officers in group.

Extreme FFF competition. 2-3 groups needed. Start at the same time first to get 10k wins, it will be timed. Winning team 1 platinum each player. FFF CAT record 37.54 min. Team beating this record will be rewarded with 2 platinum each player.

FFF Comp. 3-5 officers in each team, 3 teams necessary. First team to get 20k factions will get 2 platinum each player.

Weekly faction competition and rewarding system.
Members whose donations are from 50-95k no reward
Members whose donations are from 100-120k 3 platinum
Members whose donations are from 125k-160k 6 platinum and possible promotion to officer

Monthly competition.
Winning donator of the Month    30 platinum
2nd                                            20 platinum
3rd                                            10 platinum
4th                                              5 platinum
5th                                              4 platinum

Enjoy CAT and send your screenshots Each Monday before 22 + GMT. Monday 4th, players without screenshot will receive 1st warning and will not be able to participate on any of the events without my personal approval.
Enjoy CAT
Weekly winners