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Faction Gold Runs Title Time Exp
400 150 1   1min, 36sec 2k
5.2k 1.95k 13   20mins, 48sec 26k
10k 3.75k 25   40mins 50k
50k 18.75k 125   3hours, 20mins 250k
100k 37.5k 250 Supporter 6hours, 40mins 500k
200k 75k 500   13hours, 20mins 1mil
250k 93.75k 625 Friend 16hours, 40mins 1.25mil
300k 112.5k 750   20hours 1.5mil
500k 187.5k 1,250   1day, 9hours, 20mins 2.5mil
550k 206.25k 1,375 Ally 1day, 12hours, 40mins 2.75mil
1mil 375k 2,500   2days, 18hours, 40mins 5mil
1.2mil 450k 3,000 Steward 3days, 8hours 6mil
2mil 750k 5,000   5days, 13hours, 20mins 10mil
2.5mil 937.5k 6,250 Warden 6days, 22hours, 40mins 12.5mil
3mil 1.125mil 8,500   8days, 8hours 15mil
4mil 1.5mil 10,000   11days, 2hours, 40mins 20mil
5mil 1.875mil 12,500 Champion 13days, 20hours, 20mins 25mil
6mil 2.25mil 15,500   16days, 15hours 30mil
7mil 2.625mil 18,000   19days, 8hours, 40mins 35mil
8mil 3mil 20,500   22days, 3hours 20mins 40mil
9mil 3.375mil 23,000   24days, 22hours 45mil
10mil 3.750mil 25,500 Savior 27days, 16hours, 40mins 50mil
Weekly winners