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FFF routes
Alliance rules are that nobody sacrifices (sac) however if you still donít have skills to fff please simply find some monsters and get killed as fast as possible so when all the runners die, team start resurrecting instantly. If you have proper builds and skills back up some of the points and if you are learning you will follow one of the runners until you are ready to run it alone. When you resurrect everyone goes and talks to Scoutmaster Arne and takes the quest and if you've got all the points you can talk to him again and claim your reward. After you've got the reward you should move back a few steps so that it is clear that you've got the reward, once everyone's are rewarded and moved back, simply walk back into Lutgardis Conservatory and start again.

Important TIP: when you die select doorman, so you can select scoutmaster. When you resurrect just double click on the target (scoutmaster) and use a speed skill so you go running to get quest and reward.

Important TIP: doorman should always type /invite (name of party leader or someone from the group) so he joins the group fast. On the other hand member leading the group should also type /invite (name doorman) so this transition can be done really fast. I suggest you type the phrase, copy it (crtl + c) and once you are at the top of the stairs or the group gets back into lutgardis you start pasting it (crtl + v). This can really save several seconds and if we think everything gets multiplied by 25 at the end of the 10k is many minutes saved.

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