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Doorman is probably the most critical role in the fff team. The persons job (if you've got enough people) is to sit at the start and wait until all the zones have been reached, he will know this because everyone will have said 'BrD' 'ShD' and 'MuD' and STD or because st runner would have pinged his health and nobody would have called shf, muf or brf. It should be experienced in running any spot for the quest in case someone fails. When all done he takes the quest and the reward and MAP travels (M) back to Lutgardis. When you door you should be ready to get the quest and reward as fast as possible once the stair runner ping his health.

TIP talk to scoutmaster and have window of the quest open, once done you accept it and then get reward.
Once you have got the quest you have 2 ways of mapping out. (Note: DO NOT CROSS THE PORTAL BACK! ) The most recommend way would be to sac/die, and then map out, as it would save some time. To map out fast press M, click on lutgardis and press enter. Once you get in town run fast to the top of the stair case and wait for your party to get back. If your party wasn’t full then look for people waiting to be picked up. (Note: If a party member said “BRB” (be right back) make sure there is room for him when he returns.) Once they are back “/Invite” someone from your party to unite the group and when joined run and zone back into Melandru's Hopes.

If the Luxons have control of Lutgardis Conservatory it is the door's responsibility to pay / Bribe the 50g to the Luxon priest for use of the resurrection shrine. It is good you get use to ping when running to the priest so everyone knows that you are activating the resurrection shrine. If not bribed, then the full party will resurrect in the wrong shrine wasting a lot of time.

Important TIP: doorman should always type /invite (name of party leader or someone from the group) so he joins the group fast. On the other hand member leading the group should also type /invite (name doorman) so this transition can be done really fast. I suggest you type the phrase, copy it (crtl + c) and once you are at the top of the stairs or the group gets back into lutgardis you start pasting it (crtl + v). This can really save several seconds and if we think everything gets multiplied by 25 at the end of the 10k is many minutes saved.

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