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The Giant Mushrooms (mu)  is the hardest run of the quest but probably one of the funniest to run. Only few builds out there can finish this spot fast and with a big % success, and even than it requires good timing of skill usage along with enemy movement. It is always good to have a back up runner for mushrooms. Run straight, use shadow form or be prepared to remove hex crippling anguish as that is the real killer on this run, cast death cast to one of the mantises or dremveaver at the cliff and that will make you jump, run and past the mantises at the swamp (right hand side), run up the hill probably by then shadow form will start or will end, be careful not with the Kirin who will cast non-threatening hexes on you but with the undergrowths who can take 2*80 damage with their freeze spells go to the giant mushrooms and die on the group of Kirin there. After you've reached them and died you say 'MD' which obviously stands for Mushrooms done. If you fail immediately call muF so st runner or sh runner or doorman can recover the point. If you are crippled anguished, please ping it so team is already warned about the high possibility of fail.

Running Mushrooms (mu)
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