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The Stairs (st) this is the longest point that you will have to run.  Stair runners need to have excellent timing with skills when you are running. A sluggish stair runner will slow down the party, as a fast one can and will speed it up. Because stair runnerís runs are so long, they should have a 30 HP or Vamp weapon on the first Weapon Set for easier suicide. (Yes you can have a Vamp and 20% enchantments last longer on a 1 handed Weapon.) Once you make it to the end of Stairs you want to Ping you HP (Ctrl+Left Mouse Click) to show the stairs point is done for the door. Ping the HP few seconds before you reach stairs will give the door time to get the quest making the run faster. Usually and if nothing failed all other runners will be dead by now. If failed, please call STF so mu or sh runner or doorman can recover the fail. Same as mu if crippled please ping so team can be already prepared not to die at the end of their run but go to back up st.

Running Stairs (st)

The way for stair is in red circle and the way to Mushrooms is the blue line
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