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FFF terms
Useful to know
FF = Faction Farming
FFF = Fast Faction Farming (Started Commonly used in [EOE])
Lut = Lutgardis Conservatory
Sac = Sacrifice / Die
PU = Pickup
AD = All Done
BU = Back up
Dump = Giving Faction to your Alliance
Bribe = To pay the luxon 50g for the res shrine
STFU = Stairs Failed Unintentionaly
RE = Returning
MU = Mushrooms
MUD = Mushrooms Done
MUF = Mushrooms Failed
ST = Stairs
STD = Stairs Done
STF = Stairs Failed
BR = Bridge
BRD = Bridge Done
BRF = Bridge Failed
SH = Shore
SHD = Shore Done
SHF = Shore Failed
FOTK = Friend of the Kurzicks
AOTK = Ally of the Kurzicks
DOTK = Defender of the Kurzicks
SOTK = Steward of the Kurzicks, or Savior of the Kurzicks
COTK = Champion of the Kurzicks
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