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The Lutgardis FFF (Fast Faction Farming) is basically running a repeatable quest as fast as possible. The Quest gives an excellent 400 Kurzick Faction per run, with 150 Gold, and 2,000 exp. Our alliance will normally run the quest with at least 5 people or more per group and lately CAT groups will run 8/8. The AVE time for a quest run is about 1 min, 36 seconds (96 sec), making it the fastest way to earn faction however I truly believe it can be done as fast as in 80 sec.
25 runs * 400 kurzick * 150 gold * 2,000 xp * 96 sec = 10,000 faction, 3,750 gold, 50,000 xp, 40 minutes time. CAT teams are averaging from 38 min to 50 min depending on how much concentrated is the team and depending if the entire party starts with the same factions.  Nevertheless we should focus when we FFF to do it as fast as possible so we can play some other GW aspects or keep fffing to earn fast titles. Above all without any doubt this is the quickest way to gain faction and therefore KURZICK and survivor titles as well as good money (In average I get 90 platinum weekly).
I Hope this guide will hopefully give you all the knowledge and guidance you need to start farming. Nevertheless if it is your first time joining a FFF team or if you are learning, please tell the team so they can organize properly to teach you fast while getting all rewards.

Good luck and have lots fun, it is a really easy to fff and the easiest way to get factions and be rewarded with money. It will allow you to get kurzick titles fast, money and you will be helping CAT.

Take care,
Weekly winners