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Quick guidance:
The goal is:
1) Be able to run to your point FAST.
2) Be able to die FAST.
Runners must reach as fast as possible those 4 locations and once they reach them they should die right away. Doorman will get reward and MAP travel (M) to Lutgardis, runners (rest of the party) will resurrect at the shrine near scoutmaster and will go rapidly to get the quest and reward. As soon as everyone has been rewarded party will leave Melandruís trough portal, doorman who will be waiting near the portal (top of the stairs) will pick party and rapidly will go back in.

Very Important: Reward is only received by the entire party once runners have resurrected and they have talked to scoutmaster, so please NEVER leave crossing the portal or they will lose their reward. Always use M to travel to Lutgardis.

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