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Basic Introduction to FFF
Before you go you should ask in guild chat if any fff teams are running, if not then go to Lutgardis international district (where CAT and most of allies always fff) and you should see other ally’s team that you could join. Please tell them you are learning and once team gets organized party will head east into Melandru’s Hope.

The quest you should be doing is called, “Securing Echovald Forest” from Scoutmaster Arne (View the picture below to see what he looks like). He should be right next to you once you get in Melandru’s Hope.

Very Important: At the start of the run DO NOT take the quest otherwise luxons spawn at the zones along the routes and the run becomes a lot harder. The game still recognizes you visiting the place even if you don't have the quest taken. Taking the quest before its done will spawn Luxons! Therefore NEVER take it before the points are reached.

The Quest wants you to run to 4 locations. (See the picture top right)

When running or entering the quest for the first time it is extremely important you let your party know.

We will run you from HzH to Lutgardis if necessary.

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