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Our beginnings:
After 1 week of doing Cantha quests and missions I joined a guild, I can not remember the name since it was really small, after 4 days I got bored and left. 3 days later I had gathered 20 platinum from the different quests, I felt rich so I wanted to create a guild to have my own Xunlay agent and be able to keep advancing in the CANTHA map. My intention was not to create a big guild or recruit anyone since I did not want to get stressed but that changed once I met another Spaniard player (Gotrek Grey). Anyway Lords of Cat was created on August 16, 2006. It was a hard decision to select or choose a name as well as the cape design.
Name came since I wanted to have CAT in the guild name to honor from where I am, to honor a song that I really liked and thinking that CATs are freely animals, ferocious when needed, that would do anything to survive even if they have 7 lives, and bottom line, really lovely and loyal. I did not think that after 9 month of Lords of CAT our players were going to match those animal's best qualities. Our first cape had the rose and the sword trying to show that CAT is respectful, friendly and lovely (rose) with the rest of respectful players in GW, but ferocious and strong when needed (sword).
When I met Gotrek he wanted a forum, he wanted TS, he wanted many members so I had to change my initial idea and I asked a good friend to join us, Queen Raine. Then we started to recruit and recruit and play pve, GvG and AB. There are still some of our initial members in our current roster like Gods only one or Zezima who were officers at the first stage of CAT.
Since we loved to AB and therefore I was always there, by mid September I started to recruit in AB waiting area being the first one of GW to recruit there. I remember that everyone called me crazy since all members there had guilds, time has made me right. It was a great and a really fun time of the guild, we were AB pro players, our wining ratios were awesome no matter the map we fought, we would even spam in the AB game our name or a phrase warning luxons about CAT teams being in the arenas. Great times everyone who was in CAT back then will definetly agree. Lumik, cain, saito, curioso, gotrek, raine, bhaal, so and so many good friends.
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