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The never told History of CAT.
Early evolution of CAT:
One of those days recruiting in AB, Zoe to be Born, Buny’s leader asked me if CAT wanted to join their tiny alliance. We had 80k factions and they had around 400K. It was then when CAT was initially exposed to alliances and factions as a way to play. They were more focused on GvG and so we played with them and on weekends we used to GvG within CAT after or before we would AB. We joined their alliance and 1-2 weeks later they kicked us even if we were at 200k. I was pissed since they did not tell me why and when I contacted him he ignored me, anyway it was a good thing they did. October 06, it was then when we started our old forum which is still in the web, The link , you can check it if you want to see part of our history.
Once we were kicked we decided that CAT had to lead an alliance and we found a really friendly guild Aria Teamplay that stayed with us until we joined the BMC alliance, end of November 06. We had a 250k faction level but BMC recruited us to join their alliance, our friends obviously came with us. It was the first time that CAT was based in a town and we were following a 1.3 mil guild in a full alliance. It was then when my officers started to tell me that we would have to become more serious on factions and it was then when we did not pve or GvG that much and we focused more on AB. We had AB competitions and most of the time AB CAT teams in the arenas, sometimes even 3 teams at the same time and therefore in 1 week we raised to 1.3 mil while leading guild stayed in between 1.2-1.3 mil. It was then when we started to become more faction oriented. Allies and alliance were already too weak for CAT and even if we made them the 3rd largest Kurzick alliance, some of our allies were picking up on us. We made alliance move from Anjeka’s shrine to Altrums since alliance grew a lot with the extra million from CAT and back then, the factions points in GW were really few. With 7 mil factions you could be 2nd largest Kurzick alliance.
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