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Our first serious leading alliance role:
December06, it was then when we drop from the BMC alliance and started our own one with DU as our main ally, they had same factions than us, 1.3 mil, and several more guilds such our initial friends from Aria Teamplay, Moon, Drak, EW joined. Rapidly we were based in Lutgardis. It was then the first time we were shown the fast way to earn factions (fast farming) but we did not quite understand being quite boring for most of our officers and members. Our ff times were awful although we learned fast and we started not to play that much on AB and more on FF.
TLS approached us to see if we wanted to join their alliance, they were looking for 1.5 mil guilds. At that moment they were already leading HzH but at that time officers and I did not want to join them. It was the same moment when TLS became sins, DU joined them and even if we were supposed to follow them, meeting factions requirements from sins, we had some really good friends in our alliance and we decided to stay with them instead of leaving them alliance less. We continued leading our alliance having GON, TSA, TLK (Aria Teamplay split in 2 and TLK was formed) as main allies (also Buny joined us) and receiving TLS as a big incorporation some time later. TLK then was one of our main friendly guilds so I did not care that much that they would get CAT players on their roster in order to help them grow. (It was good for the entire alliance as long as CAT could maintain our faction level but at the end it hurt us more than helped).
On that our first alliance being lead by CAT we started to learn to FFF but we did not boost our factions points, our maximum faction points were 2.2 mil guild and alliance got to around 12 mil, getting to Amatz basin. Officers were more focused on pve and not everyone helped me and therefore we were not able to do improve our factions. We were able to passed BMC alliance really quick and we were a very promising alliance until we got to Amatz Basin. If alliance would have continued a bit more we would have gotten Altrums last January but I went on a business trip and alliance broke up. We were not longer the largest guild on alliance; TLK passed us on factions so we all agreed with GON to join VBN alliance.
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