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The never told History of CAT.
New born CAT and once of its best moments.
Since one of the officers was the administrator of the old forum, Vangelis created a new forum, February 10, which is our current one. The link And we started again a new alliance with TSA as main ally being lead once again by CAT. Even if they were one of the main causes for first CAT alliance break I trusted Hex the Wizard and Moth Fairy and we started up a new alliance with one of their allies. Alliance had around 3 mil but after few days we started to grow and grow getting new guilds to achieve 9 mil and became 4th largest Kurzick alliance. It was then when roster was full when we decided to create a second Cat guild named CAT LORDS managed by Henry and Deviant following me as leader and following common strategies on both guilds to grow alliance. In both guilds we achieved 150 members and a maximum faction level of 3 mil (2.4 mil lords of CAT and 600k CAT Lords).
HALO alliance who were 2nd largest broke and guilds from that alliance went to ours and to ROF. We got new allies such BEST, HALO, GON, TKRG, PEP, and we became 3rd largest alliance achieving 1 day the 2nd spot, that meant Altrum and an alliance of over 16 mil. Future was bright butů. Unfortunately not all guilds kept helping, TSA started to drop dramatically their factions so we were not able to remain 2nd best alliance. We were so close once again to finally become 2nd largest alliance of GW but once again we were betrayed. TSA betrayed us going to 3rd alliance ROF and took with them Halo, TKrg, PEP left, GON decreased factions and alliance was dying. I could not accept that so we rebuild alliance with new guilds low faction level but with lots of potential and at the end some of our true friend allies. ROF became 2nd largest Alliance in Kurzick side.
We started to recruit new guilds and we held an alliance not big but of many loyal and real good friends, Pigs (sir davigdor), Mgk (king Kindo), Lyon (Savanna the Holly), PHO, (archangel of Moscow), HA (Charmane Dweller), BEST (Prince Cyrus). It was then when we created our own CAT video (The video) having lots of fun in the filming and lots of fun in the alliance even if factions were low, we were holding Brauer as the worst town. CAT reached their maximum faction level with 3.4 mil and 800 K from CAT Lords but alliance factions were 9 mil.
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