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The never told History of CAT.
CAT’s role changed from alliance leader to “strong” ally:
End Of April 2007 since I was going on vacation for 3 weeks we took our entire alliance and we joined DU (PHO, MGK, LYON, PIGS, HA, BEST and TGCK (who barely joined us), CAT and CAT Lords, I spoke with DU’s leader, who is a friend and a really good guy, and propose them to form a new alliance under their leadership. We wanted to try to get HzH away from sins that have been untouchable for 5 months or more and with a strong guild such DU form an alliance able to fight for it.
Behind that idea I was also trying to give the less trouble and pressure to our officers from Lords of CAT, Murasame, Anton, Alca, Monky, Stargazer, Anubis, Angel, Ulrich and from CAT Lords, Kid, Deviant, Sourloss, Vangelis, Chiffre. It was the best solution to save Cat from dying since every time I would go away factions and roster would decrease a lot. Those officers proof to be best officers ever in CAT and thanks to their efforts and some members and Naomi who came from DU to help, a 2 mil level faction and a good roster was kept.

I want to honor and show my gratitude to the entire officer roster Alca, Monky, Stargazer, Anubis, Angel, Vangelis, Kid, Deviant, Sourloss chiffre and to Murasame and Anton who lead guild while I was gone, without this team the history of CAT to be written from now on would have been really different and probably closer to chapter 4. Without them tooking great care of CAT this web would not be here. THANK YOU team.
During those 3 weeks CAT Lords had to be closed up and members and officers had to be allocated to Lords of CAT. It was a great decision from our officers and they were able to keep factions above 2 mil only losing 400k while I was gone. It was also the best decision for the alliance since that allow alliance to get new and larger guilds. On the other hand DU grew from 6 to 8 mil, alliance grew from 15 mil to 30 mil but Lords of CAT moved from being second largest guild within the alliance to 5-6th. Unfortunately only MGK from our original allies were still here but fortunately I was able to hook up Lyon, Pigs, HA and Pho in the VBN alliance while BEST stronger than ever joined back.

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