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New Horizons:
In this alliance we have been able to improve our fff time; Lords of CAT has grown again on both roster and factions, more members are becoming fff active and we have been able to achieve our maximum faction level in 1 guild of 4 mil growing 1.5 mil in 5 days. Alliance has also achieved its highest faction ever of 35.6 mil being only 9/10 and closing the GAP to sins to 9 mil faction which is the closest an alliance have been from HzH in 3 months. At this speed rate and if all guilds continue focused on HzH and continue active we may be able to be based there before end of June becoming the largest and strongest alliance in GW.
It is under these so good context conditions that in CAT we can move again one step forward. This is our new website thought in order to close all other forums or yahoo groups for officers to make it easier and simple for members/officers. New events, thought in order to congratulate and further motivate our members are being implemented. Those events will be based on green farming, Pve, AB, GvG, FFF keeping in mind our faction based focus. A second CAT video is being thought and hopefully soon will be filmed.
Future looks bright, alliance is really close to get HzH (9 mil away) and CAT is strong enough with 4 mil faction and a second guild waiting to be re-opened to survive any possibility alliance failure. In case of failure we still have many good friends in GW to start up our own alliance or join another strong alliance. And if we would have to start up our alliance, this time it would be the stronger alliance that CAT would have ever lead since we have never been as strong as today. Letís hope this alliance stick together and survives the dirty ways of playing that many guild leaders in GW has.
If you have made it to here, great job and well done, happy you made it and hope you liked it.
All the best,
Sir Aso
--- To be continued
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