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House zu Heltzer (HzH)
As all of you may know House Zu Heltzer is the largest Kurzick town that have been under control of the same alliance for more than 6 months. Until few months ago an alliance needed above 40 million to own it and only 1 alliance was strong enough not having any real competition.

No other alliance was able to get close to get it but ours, a bunch of good friends with common goals. We did not just got close but we have been 1st alliance to take HzH and not just for few hours but we kept it for 2 days with the exepction of 3 hours that we lost it by 200k. Alliance has been the first Kurzick alliance ever to reach 70 million factions. Last Sunday alliance farmed more than 10 million without events or any extra motivation than to get back on top. For all the above you must be proud to be a CAT or to be a member of any of the guilds forming such a cool alliance.

The first time
Now it is time to take the matter a bit more seriously and start focusing more and more on farming Kurzick factions. Until now we have indeed been fffing but without paying full attention to it but it is now the time to start focusing all of our time to keep being largest kurzick allaince and to counter attack the verbal aggressions we are suffering from our competition and to prove that all alliances must be respected since anyone can get factions, it is just a matter of time and common effort. This is why now Kurzick faction map is mad having for the 1st time in its history 2 alliances separated by couple of hundreds thousands factions and having together more than 140 million factions, probably more than all the luxons alliances together.

Until ARENA NET changes the faction system and puts a limit to the factions a guild or an alliance can have and switches its largest town to the top 2/3 alliances sharing its possesion over time we should keep growing and growing until one of the alliances give up if any one does.

Therefore we must pay attention to the coming days and keep focus on factions until we are allowed to play other aspects of GW. 
It is going to be fun keeping and getting back HzH when needed.

Weekly winners