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We are a faction based guild based in Guild Wars' Factions, with many loyal members and officers playing together to achieve our dreams. Our dream is to one day become one of the most recognised and powerful guild/alliance in GW, as well as creating, and maintaing, a good, friendly and welcoming community. Basically the Ultimate guild of GW.
As you may have noticed we are not a so common guild since after all, one of our main goals is that all members enjoy and have fun in it. We want to consider LORDS OF CAT as our home and as the tool to help us experience new sensations in GW. Our main goals are to provide fun and get more popular so more people can enjoy our guild allowing us to further grow on factions since this is one of our primary focus.
Please take the time to browse through our website, where we offer useful information on various topics, such as fff/ab, contests, events, and many more.
I would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and effort, and I hope we will continue to grow stronger each and everyday.

Happy gaming.
Sir Aso

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