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Report your faction points

Please report your faction each saturday, we need your Charater name, an image of the faction title, see below how to. Please give us your email so we can contant you if needed (email optional).

Remember to select which guild you belong to.

Remember to have correct suffix/extension (ex: .bmp, .jpg) on filename.
Player name*
Faction image*
or you can send and email to faction@lordsofcat.dk
Screenshot guide
1) Login using the character which was invited into CAT

2) Push 'H', to bring up Hero panel

3) Select Titles tab, and scroll down to Kurzicks faction point

4) Press [Print Screen / SysRq], which makes a screenshot, and save it by default in C:\Programs\Guild Wars\Screens, see also your Chat to see where it is saved.

5) Send the screenshot with this form, or mail it to faction@lordsofcat.dk
If you are nice, cut picture to just show hero panel, see example below

Example of screenshot (edited just to see Hero panel): 
Weekly winners